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Shop Woven Fabric for Interior Decorating Projects

Woven fabric is a type of textile that is formed through a weaving process. The fabric is produced on a loom and is made with various threads that are woven together. One of the characteristics of woven fabric is that it does not stretch just like knitted fabrics do. When shopping for woven fabric, you have many options available to choose from such as denim, poplin, crepe, corduroy, flannel, herringbone, and more. As for the uses of woven fabric, there are as many options available too. There is a lot of use for fashion and clothing, but home décor uses can also be varied. This type of fabric is great for blanket binders, curtains, headboards, and other drapery. Woven fabric is also suitable for upholstery because the fabric is inherently fire retardant while also durable enough to withstand the wear and tear.

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