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Shop Matelassé Fabric for Home Décor Use

Matelassé fabric is a soft yet heavy type of fabric that is comparable to the qualities of Jacquard weave. The name is derived from a French word that literally translates to padded or cushioned. However, the term is a misnomer because the fabric only appears padded but it does not actually involve padding. One factor that makes it look like it has padding is the pocket weave, wherein an opening exists and appears as though the layers in between could be filled. It is more popularly known in the textile industry as double cloth. 

Traditional Matelassé fabric comes in solid neutral colors like beige or white. However, it is not uncommon to find them in bright, modern colors today. The color is not the highlight but rather the raised texture on the surface that reveals the puckered patterns. You can find a wide range of patterns on this type of fabric such as medallions, florals, and geometric shapes. There are many uses for Matelassé fabric in the market today, especially when it comes to home décor. They are very popular for use on bedding such as bed sheet, bedspreads, bed skirts, and pillow cases. You can also use them for window treatments and upholstery.