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Buy Corduroy Fabric for Quality Decorative Fabrics

Corduroy fabric is characterized as a strong and durable fabric. Its most distinctive feature is the presence of a rounded cord or rib. This ribbing texture is formed by cut pile yarn. On the other hand, the back side of the fabric is characterized by the presence of plain or twill weave. It goes through numerous processes during the manufacturing procedure in order to achieve the velvet-like ribbed finish on the fabric.

Corduroy fabric is one of the most popular and commonly used fabrics in the industry. It is widely used in the fashion industry as it is the fabric of choice for making hunting apparel, coats, jackets, slacks, and trousers, to name a few. The name is derived from a French word that literally translates to “king’s cord”. While corduroy is mainly used in fashion, it can also be utilized in the world of home décor. There are numerous applications for this fabric such as throw pillow covers, furniture upholstery, beddings, and rugs. The texture and soft finish of the fabric makes it suitable for the said application. You can also find a wide range of color options that would match or complement your existing home décor.