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Buy Cotton Fabric Online for Home Decor

Cotton fabric is a soft and fluffy fabric that is a staple in the textile industry. In fact, it is one of the most diverse and versatile types of fabric that you can find in the market. The fabric is derived from a shrub that is native to the tropical and subtropical regions. Once harvested, the fiber is spun into a yarn or thread until the soft and breathable fabric is produced. The use of cotton has been around since the prehistoric times. Today, its use is as diverse as the styles that are available among the cotton fabric that are sold in the market.

When you browse our website for cotton fabric, you can find many options to choose from. There are plain and printed fabrics available. Each of these cotton fabric types are made from light and stretchy materials. These qualities make it suitable for use on garments such as shirts, dresses, and blouses. Among the common types of cotton include jersey, poplin, and brushed cotton (also known as fleece). Aside from garments, cotton is popularly used for beddings such as pillow cases and bedsheets. You can find printed or solid colored cotton fabric types to use for upholstery or window treatments (such as curtains).