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Buy Stripe Fabric and Get Great Deals on Fabric Online

When it comes to patterned fabric, there is probably nothing more classic than stripe fabric. It has both elements of classic and modern style; however, the variety offered by this kind of pattern is also what makes it exciting to work with when doing interior décor. It is hard to go wrong with stripes. But the vast options available can also make it a puzzle to choose the right design formula.

In order to maximum the styling effect of stripe fabric, it is best to ground them with color schemes. You can mix colorful stripes with solids of the same color palette. This will allow symmetry and flow in the overall interior design without going overboard in your use of stripes. It will also make stripes appear more dramatic if you mix it with solids. Another decorating idea is to make the stripe the main focus. This would be challenging with other patterns, but not with the stripe’s classic appeal. The architectural power that stripes add to a room is undeniable.

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