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Shop Moire Fabric Online for Home Décor Use

Moire fabric is a unique type of fabric with a highly distinctive wave-like pattern. This water-shaped pattern makes the fabric appear “watered”. There are many fabric types that undergo this process in order to achieve that pattern on the surface, which includes wool, cotton, and silk. It is through a method known as calendaring, which applies certain types of weaves to the fabric creating tension and forming the different weave patterns. This pattern is irregular so that helps to add a unique flair to the fabric. Due to the complexity of the pattern and the effort that goes into making each fabric, it is quite expensive.

Since moire fabric has been around for a while, its uses and applications have seen tremendous development over the years. Historically, the fabric is used for making evening wear and gowns. But in modern times, the fabric is quite popular for home furnishing such as drapes and upholstery. The distinctive pattern of the fabric makes it a great option for use on curtains and window treatments. It will create a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the room. The fabric has a good amount of body so it requires proper care and maintenance.