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Crewel fabric is best known for its hand-embroidered details. This embroidery is made in Kashmir. The embroidery detail is therefore the most distinctive feature on this type of fabric. The history of this fabric type dates back to thousands of years ago. Its roots are linked to India, but there were also some traces of origin in Greece and Mongolia. Eventually, it reached its peak during the 17th century in England and during the Jacobean period. During this time, the fabric was used for wall hangings and bed drapery. The graphic and bold designs of the fabric depict wildlife, flower, or foliage.

There are many uses for crewel fabric when it comes to home decorating. You can find crewel embroidery fabric on furniture upholstery, as well as drapery such as curtains and window treatments. The distinctive embroidery pattern is what sets this fabric apart from the other types of fabric that we have on offer. It can add to the aesthetic quality of the room especially when it is used as a focal point of the design. You can also use crewel fabric for making throw pillow covers, throws, and pillow shams, to name a few.