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Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabrics are no longer relegated to the patio, sun room or covered porch as designers and decorators are increasingly using them indoors in homes, offices, rental properties and condos that experience high wear and tear.

Our outdoor fabric collection features big names like Sunbrella, Waverly, Robert Allen, P.Kaufmann, Greenhouse, Charlotte and Duralee.

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way--today's designs and patterns have the touch and feel of indoor fabrics but are much easier to care for and clean.  They clean up with soap and water making them great for homes with pets, teenagers or high traffic areas.  Many of our outdoor fabrics are mold, mildew, fade and water resistant.

We offer an extensive collection of outdoor fabrics available by the yard at discounted prices.

Outdoor fabrics are made to be more durable than indoor fabrics and they are chemically treated to resist stains and mildew. The primary differences between various outdoor fabrics occurs in the manufacturing process and the fibers they are made of.

Solution-Dyed Acrylics are fabrics that are dyed before the yarn is created. Unlike most fabrics where the yarn is created and then dyed before being woven into a fabric, solution-dyed acrylics begin with a liquid acrylic that is mixed with a dye to form a fiber that is then spun into a yarn. This creates a color-fast, water-resistant fabric. Solution-dyed fabrics are soft and breathable (like canvas) and are often used in patio umbrellas and awnings and sometimes even outdoor cushions and pillows.

Acrylic-Coated Polyesters combine the durability and resistance to fading, wrinkling and mildew of acrylics and polyester to create durable outdoor fabrics. The process involves weaving polyester fabric threads and then coating it with acrylic to color the fabric. Cotton-polyester blends are created in similar fashion but often are more appealing in appearance. Acrylic-coated polyesters are often used in patio umbrellas and awnings.

Vinyl-Coated Synthetic Fiber Mesh (AKA slingable fabric or PVC mesh) are commonly found in sling-style outdoor chairs (chairs where the fabric, not the frame, supports your weight.) This fabric is very strong and does not stretch. Stronger than solution-dyed acrylic or acrylic-coated polyester fabrics, vinyl-coated synthetic fiber mesh fabrics are durable, colorfast, easy to clean and strong with great resistance to mildew.

Olefin is a manmade fiber that is usually combined with other fibers to create outdoor fabrics to create a durable fabric that is smooth in texture, dries quickly and is resistant to chemicals, stains, weathering and mildrew.

Canvas is a strong, heavy-duty outdoor fabric usually made from cotton or linen. The term canvas is also used to describe a variety of outdoor fabrics, including acrylics, polyester and acrylic-polyester blends. Canvas fabrics are susceptible to both mold and mildew.