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Sateen fabric is known for its sheer and softer feel. This texture is produced by the satin weave structure that uses spun yarns rather than filaments. The use of this fabric has been around since the 1900s so it has been around the market for quite some time, too. It is woven in a similar way that satins are, which is why these two are often confused for each other but they are actually two different types of fabric. The threads are concentrated on one side of the fabric that also renders that smooth feel on the surface. There are many types of sateen fabric in the market, such as cotton and silk. 

Just as the fabric has been around for a while, there are also many uses for sateen fabric. Aside from being smooth, the fabric is relatively durable and drapes well. For this reason, sateen fabric is used heavily in home décor for curtains and other types of drapery. It is also durable enough that it can be used as lining for garments, upholstery, and drapery. For sateen made with cotton, these are great options for bed sheets and bed linen. It feels incredibly soft and luxurious!