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Outdoor Fabric Properties to Look Out For

Posted by John Dawkins on 17th Sep 2019

Picking the right outdoor fabric for your patio or any home projects can be daunting. There are many factors to consider, and so many options to consider. Also, advertising hype, marketing catchphrase … read more


5 Factors When Shopping Upholstery Fabric

Posted by John Dawkins on 21st Aug 2019

Fabric is an integral part of any home interior design. But the critical part if you want to impress your guests or transform your home interior often lies in the fabric you choose, and how you use … read more


Tips for Getting Curtain Size Right

Posted by John Dawkins on 6th Aug 2019

Curtains are the most commonly used form of window treatment in homes. It is an integral part of your home interior style because it can help set the mood, depending on the fabric type and the way … read more


Choosing the Best Outdoor Fabric for Your Patio Cushions

Posted by John Dawkins on 25th Jul 2019

A lovely outdoor space is a nice investment for your home. Not only does this provide you with extra living space but the outdoor space can also be used for entertaining or relaxing. You should inv … read more


The Importance of a Duvet Cover in Your Bed

Posted by John Dawkins on 9th Jul 2019

The use of duvet cover was first founded in Europe. The term “duvet” is of French origin, which means down. This is why it is a great piece to invest in for your bedding fabric because it … read more