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Faux Suede

Shop Faux Suede Suited for Home Decorating

Faux suede is a man-made fabric that is created to mimic the look of real suede. Suede, on the other hand, is a type of leather fabric that is made using the under-skin of an animal. Many animal advocates are against the use of suede so this is part of the reason why faux suede grew in popularity. The only downside to using faux suede is that it isn’t as durable as real suede. However, you can make up for that by the fact that faux suede is less expensive and easier to clean or maintain. The similarities in appearance are also hard to discern.

Faux suede fabric is used largely in the fashion industry, particularly in manufacture of garments like pants, skirts, and coats. These fashion pieces are suited for the mid-range shoppers that want to achieve the aesthetic style that real suede brings to an outfit, minus the cost! When it comes to home décor, faux suede can also have many applications. Upholstery is its most common use, though. You can use faux suede on furniture upholstery, such as in sofas and armchairs. The material can provide soft and durable seating at a more affordable price. This is the best alternative to using leather upholstery.