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Shop Damask Fabric to Suit Your Home Décor Needs

Damask fabric is one of the most distinctive fabric types out there. It is a fabric that was derived from Damascus, Syria – thus, the name of the fabric. It is often confused with another fabric type – brocade. However, even though they appear similar, these two are different with their own unique characteristics and designs. If you are planning to invest in a fabric with bold designs, make sure you take the time to learn the difference (as well as the unique features of damask fabric) to help with your purchasing decision.

Damask fabric is woven using one warp yarn and one weft yarn. This creates that warp-faced satin finish to the fabric, as well as the weft-faced weave. There are different types of fibers used for weaving damask fabric, which could be synthetic, silk, or linen. They also depict a wide range of patterns including flowers, fruit, foliage, among other designs. Just like brocade, this type of fabric is widely used in the fashion industry to make garments and clothing. It also has wide applications in the home décor industry. The most common uses for damask fabric include table linens, decorative accents at home, furniture upholstery, drapery, and more.