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Buy Bargello Fabric Online for Quality Home Decor

Bargello is a unique type of pattern that originated in Florence, Italy. This pattern is characterized by a combination of shapes that are reminiscent of the old castle styles in Italy, specifically in the Florence region. It is a style of needlework that can be achieved through a method of embroidery. It is characterized by the flat and vertical stitching resulting in the geometric tiers. This is a unique pattern that brings out a style statement when incorporated into an interior design. It is a type of flame stitch that might be often confused with other types of fabric patterns such as chevron, arabesque, ribbons, or diamonds. However, this is a unique graphic pattern that is slowly gaining attention in the design world. Bargello fabric print and pattern is therefore a good choice of fabric if you want to bring that Italian flair into a room.

Shop our selection of bargello fabric and textile. You can choose from multi-colored or single color patterns, depending on your interior decorating needs. You can choose a simple pattern or an exquisite one. Your choice will determine the style impact that it can add when incorporated into your room. You can also find different types of fabric that can work with various decorating projects.