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Faux Silk

Shop Faux Silk Fabric for Decorating Your Home Interior

Faux silk fabric is exactly what the name implies: it is an artificial fabric that is often made from viscose or rayon to look like the real silk. Rayon is the most popular choice of material for making this fabric because it has the same amount of luster that silk does. At the same time, the material drapes the same from each other so they can be made to work like the same type of fabric. The reason why many would opt to use faux silk (instead of real silk) is that it is more practical without losing the aesthetic qualities of silk.

You can find faux silk fabric in a variety of colors and thickness. However, they mostly drape easily and have a medium-weight quality to it. This explains why drapery and curtains prefer faux silk (aside from real silk) as it can infuse that elegant yet lustrous quality to your home interior. You can find a variety of sheen and finish to this particular type of fabric, which provides it with more flexibility. You can also combine this fabric with other types such as linen, wool, or polyester. The different surface textures on the fabric can impart an elevated look to your home interior design.