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Shop Vinyl Fabric for Home and Interior Decorating

Vinyl fabric is a type of man-made plastic that is also used as a versatile craft material. There are many types of vinyl in itself, which can be confusing for those that are not familiar with the fabric. The common types available are clear vinyl, flannel-backed vinyl, and vinyl-coated fabric. Vinyl is a durable type of fabric that can be used in a variety of applications. One of the main advantages that this type of fabric can offer is its durability and versatility. It also loves messes – it can withstand the wear and tear! As for home décor, there are many uses for vinyl fabric including shower curtains, wall coverings, and the most popular of them all – furniture upholstery. Aside from home interior use, there are also many other uses for vinyl such as in outdoor spaces like patios and picnic tables. The material is durable enough that it can sustain wear and tear that furniture is typically subjected to. 

Are you interested in decorating with vinyl fabric? Browse our selection of this fabric type, as well as many other fabric types that we have on offer, to choose the best one for your next decorating project.