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Shop Paisley Fabric for Interior Design and Home Decor

For decades, paisley fabric has been a staple in the home decorating industry. It is a perennial favorite for homeowners and interior designers. Even though new trendy prints would surface, this one will never go out of style. Prior to being used in home décor, paisley print has established its identity in the fashion world and is even linked to the psychedelic style.

The paisley pattern resembles the appearance of a twisted tear drop. However, there have been many variations to the traditional paisley print depending on where in the world it is produced from. It is therefore to the advantage of decorators as it means you have more styles to choose from. With many styles available, you can also be inspired to find various ways to incorporate this pattern to your home. One idea is to use the fabric as wall covering. However, this has to be tastefully done to avoid saturation of the pattern. If you want something more low-key, you can try incorporating the paisley fabric to your design through a throw or pillows. And of course, paisley curtains or window treatments are a classic choice!

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