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Luxurious and Cozy Home Interior Decorating for Winter with Velvet Fabric

Posted by John Dawkins on 30th Nov 2018

Winter decorating is on full force! With the holiday season officially on, you need to have your winter decorating started now – if you haven’t already. If you are out of ideas on how to decorate your home with the right fabric to inspire that luxurious yet cozy feeling of the holiday season, choose velvet. Velvet fabric is one of the top choices of fabric to decorate your home with, especially when it comes to upholstery. But there are more reasons to incorporate velvet to your winter decorating. Check out below for some ideas and inspiration that you can use.

Tips for Decorating with Velvet

When you decorate with velvet, always go for the “less is more” route. When you incorporate just one piece of item with velvet on it, it is enough to make your interior decorating stand out. For example, if you have velvet furniture (such as sofa), it will instantly become the focal point of the room’s design.

One great thing about working with velvet fabric is that it adds a luxurious detail to your room. If you are seeking for a glamorous ambiance, it is the fabric of choice for you! You can pull the room together with ease with the use of accessories with neutral tones.

If you want to make a more statement-making style for your home interior, you can opt for two different types of furniture made with velvet fabric. For example, you can incorporate a velvet sofa and velvet armchair to your living room décor. Just make sure that these pieces come with contrasting tones so that it will become more visually arresting.

If you are new to decorating with velvet and not sure how to incorporate it, you can opt for accessories to start with. For example, you can opt for velvet throw cushions or a velvet ottoman. Each of these ideas can help showcase velvet in a more subtle way so it does not look too overpowering or exaggerated.

For those who are daring enough, the use of velvet can help to add a dramatic look to your interior décor. You can even use it as a wall décor. You can build a statement wall inside your home and use velvet fabric to finish it so that it adds to the elegance of the room. This idea will work best on a dining area or your bedroom.

Additional Tips for Decorating

In addition to the design ideas above, here are a few more things to consider when you work with velvet fabric this winter:

  • You can use velvet fabric for your curtains or drapery. But given that this type of fabric is usually dense or thick, you need to carefully choose the other types of fabric you decorate it with. Opt for lighter accessories, or complement the other elements of your home with lighter fabrics such as sheer or lace. That way, you can achieve the right balance within your home.
  • Stains are hard to remove from velvet fabric. When you decorate with velvet, keep things practical. Avoid using it in the kitchen or dining area, whenever possible. Or, you should be prepared to maintain your home regularly to keep your velvet fabric looking pristine at all times.