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Shop Suede Fabric Online for Your Decorating Needs

Suede fabric is a familiar name in the textile industry. It is a type of leather that features a napped finish. This type of fabric is used heavily in the fashion industry for making garments such as jackets, coats, purses, and shoes. The fabric is made with the underside of the animal skin to give it a soft yet pliable texture. However, it is not as durable as the outer layer of the skin. This fabric type had its origin in France during the late 1800s but continue to be quite popular today. In fact, the use and application of suede has become more diverse now than before.

Suede fabric is typically used for home décor industry for upholstery of furniture. The thickness and durability of the fabric makes it suitable for upholstering furniture since it can withstand the wear and tear. The texture of the fabric also provides a warm and cozy touch to the furniture, which is great when you want to achieve that particular vibe. If you are interested to use suede fabric for your home décor, feel free to look at our website to find your ideal color or style. We provide many options from different designers to match your decorating style and budget.