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Buy Satin Fabric from Top Brands in the Industry

Satin fabric is characterized by the dull back and its glossy surface. This glossy surface gives the fabric its natural sheen and luxurious feel. It uses filament fibers like nylon, silk, or polyester in order to achieve that satin weave. There are some experts who refer to the name ‘satin’ as a misnomer because of the fact that it is made from silk. Nonetheless, satin fabric is distinct and should not be confused with sateen, which is another type of fabric.

There are many uses and applications for satin fabric. They are particularly common in clothing and garments industry such as for making evening gowns, nightgowns, women’s lingerie, and more. The glossy feel of the fabric makes it quite delicate and comfortable, which explains why it is used for the aforementioned garments. However, there are a lot of uses for satin fabric in the home décor industry. They are popular with home interior furnishing fabrics such as bed sheets, curtains, drapery, and upholstery. The characteristic glossy look makes it suitable for adding a luxurious twist to your home interior décor.