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Buy Mohair Fabric from Top Brands at a Discount

Mohair fabric is one of the oldest known fabric textiles to have existed. The fibers used for making this fabric are derived from the hair of an Angora goat. Many people, especially those are uninitiated when it comes to the textile industry, often mistake the Angora goat with that of a sheep. Both have long and curly hair but there are distinctive differences with each. Whenever the goat is shorn, the hair is used for making yarn. It is utilized in the fabric industry because the quality of the hair is wavy and lustrous.

There are many applications for mohair fabric, especially in the home décor industry. It is used mainly for furniture upholstery and seat coverings. The durability of mohair fabric is one factor for that. The natural fiber is able to withstand and outlast that of cotton, cashmere, or wool. It also satisfies and exceed the upholstery requirement for most seating, which speaks to its durability. Aside from its durability, another advantage to using mohair fabric is its resistant to dirt. Finally, the plushness and sheen of the fabric makes it highly desirable. Upholstery is not the only application available for mohair fabric – it is also used heavily on making rugs and carpets.