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Shop Jacquard Fabric to Elevate Home Interior Style

Jacquard fabric is one of the most easily recognizable types of fabric in the market. Its distinctive jacquard weave makes it so unique, aside from being easily distinguishable. The weave is achieved through a loom process that is designed to raise each warp thread independent of the other threads. Instead of the design bring printed onto the weave, it is incorporated into the weave itself. The term ‘jacquard’ was derived from the creator of the loom attachment – Joseph Marie Jacquard.

As compared to the basic weave, the loom process in jacquard fabric is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It also requires tremendous level of skill for the weaver. But the effort and time is worth it as jacquard fabric is known for its exquisite design and aesthetic quality, which makes it a favorite for home decorating. This type of fabric has evolved such that during the 1980s, the electronic jacquard looms were introduced. This enabled for the jacquard fabric to be manufactured in large amounts and enable far more complex designs to be achieved. The most common application of the jacquard fabric for home decorating is through furniture upholstery due to the texture and thickness. Over the years, they are also used for beddings and throw pillow covers, among other accent pieces for décor.