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Shop Regal Fabric Online for Upholstery and Decorative Fabrics

Regal fabric is a brand that was founded in 1987 by Arlene and Herb Kahan. They were initially involved in the importation of European upholstery fabric to manufacturers in the US. Within 10 years since the company was initially founded, they have been able to position themselves as a brand that is committed to delivering excellent quality. In fact, many of those who buy Regal fabric choose them for their novelty tapestry fabric options. These fabrics are used for furniture, as well as in vests and bags.

For more than three decades since the brand was founded, you can find discount Regal fabric online at many online retailers. The brand has also built its own full design studio. This is where the original designs are crafted to ensure that the customers’ quest to find trending designs and colors are met. Today, most of the fabric options from the brand are used for upholstery but they are still committed to offering novelty designs.