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S Harris

Shop S Harris Fabric and Quality Textiles for Modern Spaces

S Harris fabric is a brand that has enjoyed a rich tradition that has been around for more than a century. This brand has been known to deliver fine, decorative fabrics and premium textiles that meet the discerning tastes of interior designers all over the world. This brand was established in 1906 and was purchased by Fabricut in 1988. Over the years, they have built a reputation of providing contemporary designs and use of innovative colors. It is no wonder why it is the fabric of choice for interior designers and architects!

When you buy S Harris fabric online, you will expect to find exclusive patterns and colors that meet the unique tastes of buyers. They have tapped other experts from other segments of the design and creative industry such as art, fashion, and entertainment. This has resulted in the unique and boutique designs that make their fabrics stand out. If you wish to transform your vision for your home interior and hospitality projects, you can buy discount S Harris fabric online.